HOPE Deluxe quick release handles. INC 3 x heads


Developed over several years these new quick release handles have better grip and the heads are self ejecting.The collet is encapsulated in the head so when you untwist it, the collet releases and makes the blade loosen with ease.

Small handles are approx 10″ long
Medium handles are approx 14″ long
Large handles are approx 20″ long
All parts are CNC made in the Uk for accuracy and the collets are made from Acetal. This is an extremely strong plastic which absorbs vibration and prevents loosening.

Each handles comes with three different size heads:

Small: 10mm (Gold)
Medium:13.2mm (Blue)
Large: 16.2mm (Red)
Extra bodies can be purchased seperatly.

10mm collets suit 3/8 spindle and 1/4 inch bowl gouges
13.2mm collets suit 1/2″ spindle gouges and 3/8 bowl gouges and any bar from 12.5mm to 13.2mm in dia
16.2mm collets suit 1/2″ bowl gouges and 5/8 to 16mm dia bars

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